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PJ's RC is a locally owned and operated company in Scottsdale, Arizona. PJ's RC vision is providing the vehicle to bring families, friends & community together to bond, laugh, learn and play!  Get off the couch!!!  Go RC'ing!

We are proud to be a blossoming small business based out of sunny Arizona. We embrace close customer relationships, an appreciation for craftsmanship, as well as the love of all things family, fun and racing! We bring this spirit of off-road adventure into the realm of radio control.

So whether you're a competitive RC master, a beginning hobbyist, or looking for a fun, outdoor activity for you and your family, we are proud to offer a diverse collection of parts and vehicles for any adventure. From monster trucks to the fastest on road RC cars to boats and beginner-friendly models, and even high flying quads—we have the perfect RC adventure in store for you!

Our specialty is Traxxas vehicles, accessories, and troubleshooting. Because while we only offer the most durable products, even the toughest mechanisms need repairs and tuneups. That's why we offer so many collections of parts and kits and support documents to help you get the most out of your experience. Plus phone support for any repairs or questions. We know these cars inside and out and we’d love the opportunity to help you out.

So you're not sure what you're looking for or if you have questions on anything RC, browse around or reach out. Feel free to call us at 602-476-8225 with any questions! We'd love to share our passion with you to make sure that you get the best experience possible.

As a small business, we've also taken advantage of various internet channels to reach more customers and provide great priced RC adventures to new and experienced racers. Our most successful venue has been Amazon, where we've reached thousands of customers. And we appreciate your business and reviews! We are proud to hold good standing as an Amazon merchant with a 98% positive rating!

Check out our Amazon catalog and special deals in our storefront.

Just remember...the only limit to your radio control adventure is your imagination!

PJ's RC is very excited to partner with BusyKid.com!  As the basis and foundation of our company, PJ's RC is all about getting the kids off the couch and outside to get some vitamin D, learn how "things" work, and bond with their friends/family members!  What a better way to accomplish all of these than using Traxxas Radio Control vehicles as the common thread.  We live it, practice it and promote active family activities daily through our retail locations in the Phoenix Metropolitan area! 

Our own personal experiences have lead us to this very place we are today promoting healthy relationships with friends and family, adding the thrill of speed and agility while topping it off with the opportunity to bond with your friends and children teaching them responsibility!  What kid doesn't want the control of a high speed vehicle?  Who doesn't want to see a car fly through the air after launching off a jump?  Why wouldn't you want to learn how the car works?  Those three things is what opened massive doors with our own kids here at PJ's RC!  Picture this:

It's Wednesday afternoon, you get a call from your child after school. 

Child: "Hey Dad, when will you be home tonight?  I want to race the trucks with you?"

Dad: "I will be home at 5:45 after my last meeting.  I can't wait to get out there and have some fun with you"

Child: "I am so excited.  I will get the trucks ready and batteries charged!!!"

Dad: "Hey, why don't you log into your Busy Kid app and get all of your homework and chores done so we can have extra time this evening to play?"

Child: "Great idea...I will go get them all done now!"

This interaction was the spark and the beginning of PJ's RC!  Even us adults find it AWESOME to laugh, play, thrash and bash our trucks.  When we figured out we loved it as much as our kids did, the bond was built instantly!  It was easy to incentivize our kids to "Work Hard and Play Harder."  Heck, we did the same thing.  Well, eventually the trucks took some serious abuse and needed upgrades and repairs.  We had nowhere to go to get parts.  We needed some support and a knowledge base to learn from face to face...PJ's RC in Scottsdale was born!