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Beginner Tech Tip #10 Binding the Receiver to Transmitter


PJ's RC TECH TIP: As silly as it may sound is your transmitter on, vehicle plugged in, turned on, and linked? Sometimes on rare occasion our vehicles will not respond to us. The Receiver could have become unbound from the Transmitter, The ESC throttle needs to be re-cailbrated or your low voltage detection is on and your battery is too low. These are common to overlook when excited to head out and drive! The red light in your receiver box will blink red if it is not bound to a transmitter. It will glow green when ready to race!

How do I bind the transmitter to the receiver?

The transmitter and receiver are bound at the factory. Should you ever need to re-bind them, or if you wish to bind an additional receiver to the transmitter, all you have to do is press and hold the transmitter's SET button as you turn it on. Press and hold the receiver's LINK button as you power up your model, then wait for the transmitter's and receiver's status LEDs to turn solid green—which only takes a second or two.